Identify the best-performing model from various available options, using the built-in reinforcement learning mechanism, and ensure its single-click deployment. Perform model retraining with comprehensive scheduling and governance. Furthermore, compare and continuously monitor model performance while gaining detailed insights into its behavior

AI Deployment Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

One-click Model Deployment

Deploy models from the development cluster to production in a single click

Perform continuous model development, monitoring, and deployment

Built-in Reinforcement Learning

Deploy multiple models together to ensure the best performing model is served

Model Retraining and Self-learning

Retrain models on new datasets with intuitive scheduling and governance

Allow user to configure parameters for the best model selection

Deploy the model automatically to production on crossing the user-defined performance threshold

Continuous Model Monitoring

Monitor and understand all models in deployment at the most granular level

Dive deep by comparing model drift and performance over a period of time

Understand model behavior with comprehensive monitoring of the model up to parameter levels

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