Establish a paperless, digital environment by automating your end-to-end government processes. Leverage our platform-based eGov Office suite to build an agile operation, ensuring more efficient and effective Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B), and Government to Government(G2G) processes.

Features of Newgen e-Gov Office Software

Streamlined File Management

Automated movement of files and correspondences/DAK throughout the lifecycle—from creation to archival

Unified process across departments and agencies for quick file management

Automated Query Routing and Processing

Rapid processing of RTI/FOIA queries and parliament questions

Auto-allocation of queries to the respective departments, based on configurable rules

Collaborative Learning and Informed Decision Making

Collaborative learning environment with advanced features like content rating, adding citations, and chat and discussion forums

Enhanced collaboration for greater interoperability, reduced delays, and informed decision making

Mobility for on-the-go access to correspondences

Committee and Meeting Follow-ups

Module to form committees, schedule meetings, etc.

System-defined escalation matrix, alerts, notifications, and auto-reminders for faster execution and timely responses

Digital Signature and Barcode Integration

File view with green note sheet and digital signature integration for pdf documents

Barcode integration for file and correspondence tracking

Compliance With Manual of Office Procedures

Compliance with Manual of Office Procedures (MOP) as published by the Department of Administrative Reform, India

Digital notings for file and correspondence management

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