Track processes, relevant artifacts, and deliverables in real-time. Design reports, define KPIs, and set alerts to proactively gauge process-related challenges or opportunities with personalized process activity dashboards.

Reporting and Analytics Capability of NewgenONE Platform

Real-time Process Monitoring

End-to-end visibility into processes with comprehensive graphical charts, reports, and dashboards

Real-time monitoring to control costs, optimize business processes, and improve efficiency

Health status indicator for visual identification of resource-heavy reports

Automated Escalations and Business Risk Detection

Analytics to recognize patterns, evaluate credit risks, and detect fraud and money laundering

Rule-based, automated notifications and reminders from real-time events

Dashboard alerts to identify new business opportunities and threats

Wizard Driven Report Designer

Intuitive wizard-based report creation with multiple report definitions for faster report design

User-friendly customizable GUI with minimized clicks and simple navigation

Real-time visualization of graphical charts and tables during report designing

Secure Reports

Password protection for reports to avoid unauthorized access

Rights-based access to reports for maintaining the confidentiality of data

Intelligent Process Automation Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

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