Leverage enterprise search capabilities and enable your users to search for information, from structured and unstructured content across different repositories, file systems, work group systems, and business systems, using a unified interface. Manage disparate content repositories within your organization on a single user interface to increase visibility and accessibility. Maintain adherence to compliance and security guidelines related to data storage.

Enterprise Search Capabilities of NewgenONE

Federated Search Across Multiple Repositories

Federated search capability to sort through connected repositories and content management systems

Focused search through connected repositories and storage systems, for documents and records, including audio and video files, or social media posts

Intuitive Search Engine

Auto-suggestion feature to conduct searches with few keywords

Powerful search with full text (FTS), proximity, near term, highlighting the searched terms and fuzzy search algorithms

Search Filters and Terms

Searched term highlight feature to locate information within a document

Dynamically generated facets to narrow down search results

Customizable Search Configuration

Personalized search configuration capabilities per business requirements

Customizable folder structure to adapt to functional needs

Systematic Organization of Content

Folder and subfolder hierarchy for simple and systematic organization of documents

Metadata-based search and document tagging for finding contextual content

Controlled Document Access and Alerts

Controlled document access by managing user rights on the file and folder levels

Document alerts to notify when critical documents have been searched or accessed

Contextual Content Services Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform
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