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Omnichannel Customer Engagement (CCM)

Enhance customer experience with personalized and consistent communications across channels.

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 Customer Communication Management Software - Customer Communication Management (CCM)

Customer Communication Management Software

One of the ultimate goals of digitization is streamlining and upgrading your customer communications. This means delivering the right message, in the right context, at the right time, and through the right channel.

Omnichannel customer communication management (CCM) allows you to reinvent your customers’ experiences by delivering personalized, content-rich communications, while tapping into various cross and up-sell opportunities across touchpoints, such as e-mail, SMS, web, and print.

Enhance customer experiences

Deliver personalized, interactive, and contextual communications through customers’ preferred channel of engagement.

Maximize selling opportunities

Gain more traction from each interaction by leveraging customers’ data and preferences to maximize cross and up-sell opportunities.


Automate and standardize end-to-end processes, empowering users and customers to generate communications as and when needed.

Bridge operational

Enable seamless integration with legacy systems and core enterprise applications to bridge process, content, and communication silos.

Success Stories

Policy generation in under 5 seconds - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Policy generation in under 5 seconds
One of India’s leading insurance companies implements a communication management system to streamline their policy...
Automation of 300+ templates - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Automation of 300+ templates
Riyadh-based bank automates and standardizes their content management processes to rapidly generate communications and...
Communication creation in 1-2 hours - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Communication creation in 1-2 hours
South-Asian bank drastically reduces turnaround time and delivers enhanced customer experiences by enabling end-to-end...

Capabilities of Newgen's Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

Digital and Social Sensing
  • AI-driven learning
  • Multi-channel interactions
  • Case routing and prioritization
  • Automated response and engagement
  • Monitoring, reporting, and insights
  • Platform APIs
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Digital and Social Sensing - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Communication Designer
  • Intuitive visual designer
  • Device-friendly, multi-lingual communications
  • Modern, templatized communications
  • Versioning, sorting, and bundling
  • Data encryption and masking
  • Third-party data integration
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Communication Designer - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Communication Generation
  • Real-time and ad-hoc communications
  • Personalized correspondence
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • No code development environment
  • Reporting and collaboration
  • Data from multiple sources
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Communication Generation - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Communication Distribution
  • Unified and configurable system
  • Communication distribution efficiency
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Content access and archival
  • Communication tracking and validation
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Communication Distribution - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Communication Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Batch communication
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Flexible reporting
  • Secure archival and access
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Communication Monitoring - Customer Communication Management (CCM)
Communication Templates
  • Ready-to-use template library
  • Versioning with maker-checker
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Automated import and export of templates
  • Notifications and reporting
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Communication Templates - Customer Communication Management (CCM)

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