Do More with Temenos

Expand your core banking by building end-to-end complex solutions with simplicity

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Manage your customers’ documents, leads, opportunities, and communications

Leverage NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform capabilities from your Temenos application. Manage, control, share, and utilize content through the Temenos application while automating business processes and ensuring compliance. Maximize your existing investment in core banking with advanced document management and collaboration capabilities that enable seamless content lifecycle management

Lending Automation Platform

  • Capabilities to automate all kinds of loans, including retail, education, personal, agricultural, credit cards, corporate and small business by leveraging the loan origination system (LOS) platform
  • Faster go-to-market with new products being launched with no changes made to the core banking system

Unified Information Access

  • Easy access to all documents pertaining to a lending application or a current account savings account (CASA) from the Temenos application
  • Unified interface connects core banking application with other applications such as Office 365, customer relationship management (CRM), collections, communications platform, and more

Centralized Document Management

  • Advanced capabilities to manage content across Temenos core banking system and other business applications
  • Support for capabilities, such as enhanced document versioning, access control, intelligent content services, and advanced metadata management to support core banking

Streamlined Customer Communications

  • Effective communication for customer service
  • Automatic capturing of incoming customer e-mails, classification through intelligent services, and delivery of customized customer communications at the click of a button
Why Should You Integrate Temenos with NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform

Improve customer satisfaction by enabling a 360-degree view of customers' information and ensuring easy access to the relevant information

Reduce turnaround time by delivering key information to customers, resulting in faster processing

Reduce ‘go-to-market’ time with a lending automation platform

Leverage Newgen’s low code process automation platform's capabilities along with Temenos to streamline end-to-end customer journeys

Enable intelligent decision-making and enhance operational efficiency by leveraging Newgen’s AI/ML-based content services