Transform standard operating procedures and maintain a time-sensitive transactional checklist for smooth offboarding within the employee’s notice period. Leverage our digital automation platform to efficiently complete the full and final settlement and comply with the employment agreement clauses without missing any deadlines. Capture cessation reversal and undo separation formalities in case of a successful exit negotiation.

Features of Newgen Employee Offboarding Software

Payment Settlement

Full and final payment post successful completion of exit formalities without disputes or discrepancies

Tracking documents from multiple departments, including asset return from IT and no dues from operations

Separation Revocation

Reversal of employee exit formalities upon successful negotiation

Clear visibility into retention and attrition rates to take corrective actions

Intelligent Personalized Dashboard

Tracking attrition rate in real time across geographies

Personalized view for different HR stakeholders

Rights-based Access Management

Authentication and authorization of users based on their roles and responsibilities

Improved cross-departmental interactions for managing access

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