Seamlessly manage the complete order fulfiment process, from receiving and processing, to delivery while complying with your organization’s standard operating procedures (SOPs). Leverage the underlying low code digital automation platform to effectively handle discrepancies and exceptions while increasing the productivity of business users and the profitability of an enterprise.

Features of Newgen Order Fulfillment Software

Integrated SOPs and Checklists

User and system-driven mandatory checks to ensure compliance

Smooth exception handling and provision for manual corrective actions

Workflow-driven Transaction Processing

Instant tasks initiation based on the configuration of multiple pre-conditions

Intelligent case routing for faster resolutions

Process Visibility and Flexibility

Monitoring dashboard for a 360-degree process view

Anytime, anywhere work via different digital mediums, facilitating quick and well-informed decisions

Multiple Drilldown Reports

Visibility of all orders across various stages on a single screen

Insights into onscreen progress of all transactions at line level

Alerts and Notification Triggers

Rule-based alerts for stakeholders at every stage, enabling faster bottleneck resolutions

Email alerts and notifications for transactions, approval, and reworks

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