Design highly personalized and engaging communications using drag-and-drop capability. Enable component-based designing of communications for consistency, compliance, and standardization. Embed various types of graphs, charts, tables, images, fillable elements, and barcodes, and Leverage multi-lingual capability.

Communication Design Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Intuitive Visual Designer

Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop designing tool

User-friendly interface to capture variables and data fields

Device-friendly, Multi-lingual Communications

HTML support for creating responsive and device-friendly e-mails, PDFs, Word files, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and social communications

PDF/UA-compliant output for differently abled users

Multi-lingual communications to cater to a larger audience

Modern, Templatized Communications

Images, watermarks, tables, charts, and graphs for visually appealing and attractive communications

Importing of existing designs for reusability and quick template development

Master templates to enforce bulk changes to multiple reports and pages in a single click

Versioning, Sorting, and Bundling

Template versioning with a check-in/out feature and assigned rights

Defined communication bundles based on zip code, city, or other criteria

Data Privacy and Security

Configurable passwords, digital signatures, 1-D and 2-D barcodes, watermarks, and HIPAA and PCI DSS-level encryption standards

Data confidentiality by masking customers’ account numbers, policy numbers, etc.

Two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On for authorized access to user accounts

Third-party Data Integration

Third-party integration using web services

Integration with multiple data sources, including MS SQL and Oracle through ODBC/JDBC connections, or import data from CSVs, JSONs, and XMLs

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