Communication Designer

Create engaging communications with simple, drag-and-drop functionalities.

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 Customer Communication Designing Software - Communication Designer

Customer Communication Designing Software

Design highly personalized and engaging communications using drag-and-drop capability. Enable component-based designing of communications for consistency, compliance, and standardization. Embed various types of graphs, charts, tables, images, fillable elements, and barcodes, and leverage multi-lingual capability.

 -  - Communication Designer
Communication Designer

Intuitive Visual Designer

  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop designing tool
  • User-friendly interface to capture variables and data fields

Device-friendly, Multi-lingual Communications

  • HTML support for creating responsive and device-friendly e-mail communications
  • Independent access to information for differently abled users by generating PDF/UA compliant output
  • Multi-lingual communications for reaching and appealing to a larger customer base

Modern, Templatized Communications

  • Charts and graphs for visually appealing and attractive communications
  • Importing of existing designs for reusability and quick template development
Communication Designer

Versioning, Sorting, and Bundling

  • Template versioning with a check-in/out feature and assigned rights
  • Defined bundles based on zip code, city, or other criteria

Data Privacy and Security

  • Configurable passwords, digital signatures, 1-D and 2-D barcodes, watermarks, and HIPAA and PCI DSS-level encryption standards
  • Maintain customers’ data confidentiality by masking account numbers, policy numbers, etc.
  • Two-factor authentication for user accounts, negating any possibility of unauthorized access to data

Third-party Data Integration

  • Third-party integration using web services
  • Integration with multiple data sources, including MS SQL and Oracle through ODBC/JDBC connections, or import data from CSVs, JSONs, and XMLs

Capabilities of Newgen OmniChannel Cusotmer Engagement Platform

Decipher your customers’ interactions across channels...

Create engaging communications with simple, drag-and-drop...

Deliver personalized and responsive communications.

Enable secure distribution of communication content...

Stay on top of customer communications with end-to-end...

Design engaging communications with user-friendly...

Success Stories

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Policy generation in under 5 seconds
One of India’s leading insurance companies implements a communication management system to streamline their policy...
Automation of 300+ templates - Communication Designer
Automation of 300+ templates
Riyadh-based bank automates and standardizes their content management processes to rapidly generate communications and...
Communication creation in 1-2 hours - Communication Designer
Communication creation in 1-2 hours
South-Asian bank drastically reduces turnaround time and delivers enhanced customer experiences by enabling end-to-end...

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