Corporate Governance

Ensure well-organized reporting and documentation while staying compliant

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 Corporate Governance - Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Optimize reporting and documentation with AI-powered corporate governance solutions, built on a low code digital transformation platform—NewgenONE. Streamline processes across all your departments to collect data per governance metrics and collaborate better with your customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners. Cultivate a risk-intelligent culture and enhance operational efficiency by introducing custom governing structures, processes, and evaluation metrics that create, protect, and maximize business value. Empower knowledge workers to make informed decisions and increase overall productivity by utilizing solutions with multiple compliance and assurance layers on a single platform. Identify and manage governance risks on an ongoing basis by leveraging the solutions’ robust integration capabilities with third-party systems.

Solutions for Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

ESG Compliance

  • Prioritization and ranking of sustainability KPIs for organizing, measuring, and tracking goals
  • ESG metrics/workflow for data collection from internal and external stakeholders’ sources
  • Custom/role-based dashboards for monitoring and managing KPIs
  • Valuation of non-financial risks and quantification of criteria in ESG reporting
  • Structured ESG reports

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Corporate Governance

Financial Statement Close Process (FSCP)

  • A centrally controlled master data management system with easy-to-follow navigation and role-based workflows.
  • A centralized repository for data governance
  • Inclusion of activity artifacts, such as documents, e-mails, and journal vouchers, with automatic posting to ERPs to ensure the completeness of activities
  • Auto initiation and assignment of activities through a built-in scheduler, according to defined governance standard operating procedures
  • Predefined lead time and the expected date/time of completion for each activity

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Corporate Governance

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Automated compliance tracker that follows predefined criteria, along with reminders and escalation
  • Contract management, litigation, secretarial tasks, risk reports, and audit reports administration
  • Document classification, access controls, expiry alerts, search capabilities, and role-based access
  • Task management and collaboration with cross-departmental teams for data collection
  • Structuring and filling governance, risk, and compliance reports

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