While many organizations in the energy and utilities sector have adopted digital, they still rely on disconnected transactional and operational systems. These systems might be efficient in handling simple transactional cycles but cannot manage the end-to-end process lifecycle. The need of the hour is to leverage a platform that connects processes, people, and devices through a unified system and helps organizations create more sustainable business processes. This will help in increasing operational efficiency, reducing maintenance overheads, and helping become future-ready.

Transforming Energy and Utilities Companies Globally

Leverage NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform to:

Streamline plant and facility management processes, such as engineering drawings, maintenance workflow, incident reporting, commissioning & decommissioning, etc.

Automate key business processes, including contracts management, land acquisition, permits management, and others

Enable remote inspection, online customer onboarding, utility bill authentication, and more

Facilitate end-to-end records and content management with anytime-anywhere access to the information

Integrate with SAP and other third-party systems and applications

Extract intelligent insights and information

Foster a paperless office and automate various shared services processes

Create a unified interface for both internal and external customers

Develop complex, content-driven, and customer-engaging business applications for your enterprise-wide use cases

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