Bridge silos (between people, processes, systems, and things) for smooth and effective operations. Rely on the process orchestration engine to control workflows and maintain the integrity of process definitions. Support standard operations such as initiation, rules processing, and sequential, parallel, and ad-hoc task routing, to deliver high-performing business processes.

Process Orchestration Capability of NewgenONE Platform

Process Definition and Orchestration

Process orchestration engine for seamless, end-to-end control

Process definition and standardization with ad-hoc capabilities

Task Prioritization and Routing

Rule-based routing and work prioritization to optimize processes and improve productivity

Work initiation, rules processing, and sequential, parallel and ad-hoc task routing

Parallel and Repeatable Workflows

Consistent and repeatable processes per business requirements

Parallel and inclusive distribution of work-items for conditional process flows

Agile Process Operations

End-to-end management with the flexibility to enable or disable processes

Ad-hoc routing for dynamic changes in process flow

High-volume Processing Capabilities

High-volume transaction processing

Dynamic load balancing to eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency

Intelligent Process Automation Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

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