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Contextual Content Services

Manage content lifecycle efficiently ensuring anytime anywhere access to content

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Embrace digital by automating content lifecycle management for all types of content across the organization. Derive real-time outcomes through automated ingestion and processing of documents and digital media in content-centric processes. Use intelligent document processing (IDP) for automated, AI-powered, extraction of insights from all kinds of documents for smarter and faster response. Do all this at enterprise scale of billions of documents with industry-leading content services platform on cloud.

What’s more! Make your customers, employees, and partners happier by ensuring anytime, anywhere access to information and documents!

With Our Content Services Platform, You Can Do It All

Contextual Content Services Platform

Content Lifecycle Management

Create, manage, share, and archive different types of content with anytime-anywhere access. Complete information management with the flexibility to access and deliver digital content across all channels and devices.

Content ManagementEnterprise SearchRecords Management

Contextual Content Services Platform

Business Process Digitization

Digitize front-and back-end processes while intelligently capturing and extracting critical information from paper and digital documents. Leverage low-code content workflow capabilities to ensure rapid design and development of content-centric applications

Multi-channel Capture, Intelligent Extraction

Contextual Content Services Platform

Employee Productivity

Enable anytime-anywhere access, management, and real-time collaboration. Foster a hybrid culture with robust integration and empower employees with smart search and intelligent recommendations

Enterprise Search, Content Integration

Contextual Content Services Platform

Content Intelligence

Go beyond traditional ECM and unlock the possibilities of your end-to-end digital business. Utilize AI-powered capabilities for accurate content extraction, automatic document classification, and machine learning/sentiment analysis for smarter decision making. With model training studio, learn about new types of content for classification and metadata extraction.

Content ClassificationIntelligent Extraction

Contextual Content Services Platform

Information Governance and Compliance

Ensure safe access to content while maintaining security against unauthorized access to information. Enable long-term retention and disposition of enterprise records. Mitigate risk and meet regulatory compliances with records management certifications like DoD5015.2, VERS, NRAA, ISO 15489-1::2016, ISO 16175-1:2020, and ISO 16175-2:2020.

Records Management

Contextual Content Services Platform

Content Business Applications

Leverage our comprehensive content services to build new or enhance existing business applications. Take advantage of our turnkey solutions to streamline enterprise-wide content while ensuring seamless integration with your existing applications and maximizing your investments

OmniDocs WorkDesk, Secure Messaging Center

Trusted By Leading Analysts

“Organizations looking for an advanced content platform capable of scaling for heavy workloads and that need deployment flexibility and advanced automation and AI capabilities should consider Newgen”

A “Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q1 2023

“Newgen provides an extensive set of tooling to enable developers to build business applications using
low-code/no-code techniques.”

A “Visionary” in
Gartner MQ for Content Services Platforms, 2021

Trusted by Customers

Contextual content services capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Create, manage, and access secure content across multiple channels and devices

Integrate enterprise-wide content with OmniDocs for a holistic view of the information

Intelligently classify documents for streamlined access to relevant information

Intuitively search for content across repositories and systems using a single, unified interface

Leverage artificial intelligence to Automate extraction of data from documents and images

Increase efficiency and security with intelligent content capture and origination

Centrally configure, manage, and archive documents and records for better efficiency

Simplify content collaboration while allowing users to access case information from a single place

Streamline and secure enterprise communications with specialized message management APIs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are content services platforms?

Content services refer to the combination of IT infrastructure, new-age technologies, and unique functionalities that enable end-to-end management of enterprise-wide content. A content services platform establishes a digital and connected workplace, empowering all the users with contextual information and access to relevant content.


For example, Newgen Content Services Platform offers innovative tools to capture content from multiple sources, manage it in a secure, centralized repository, and make information accessible to the relevant stakeholders anytime, anywhere. It offers flexibility to access or deliver content via mobile and cloud, creating a highly connected and digital workplace. Furthermore, it helps enterprises mitigate business risks by ensuring compliance with various regulatory requirements and securing business-critical information.

How do large enterprises leverage content services platforms?

Large enterprises use content services platforms to:

  1. Ensure content governance and compliance
  2. Enable efficient content extraction
  3. Facilitate secure information access
  4. Drive contextual engagement
  5. Streamline content lifecycle
  6. Enable hybrid records management

Should an enterprise upgrade its enterprise content management platform to a modern content services platform?

Yes. Continuously changing regulatory requirements, evolving customer expectations, and increased competition are driving organizations to upgrade to content services platforms. In order to stay ahead of the curve, enterprises must modernize their content management systems, especially to keep up with the growing influx of content, in various formats and through multiple channels.

While your old content management system may be serving your business needs right now, the pervasive nature of the content and the importance of data and insights cannot be overlooked. You must invest in a content services platform that maximizes your current infrastructure and technology investments while giving you the flexibility and agility to adapt to future evolving requirements and business gaps.


With a content services platform upgrade, you can:

  1. Transform the way you manage your content
  2. Enable a seamless, secure, and digital workplace
  3. Enable artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven smarter decisions
  4. Empower your IT workforce
  5. Allow for effective collaboration and communication between stakeholders
  6. Ensure business continuity with cloud-based deployment
  7. Stay secure and compliant with regulatory requirements
  8. Leverage a foolproof migration strategy
  9. Facilitate a rapid and on-budget go-live

Why should you deploy a content services platform on the cloud?

A cloud-based content services platform is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional on-premise setup. It enables a seamless flow of content across the organization, allowing users to access content anytime-anywhere. You can start with minimal investment and opt for a pay-as-you-go model per your scalability needs.

The “speed of business transformation” is the real game-changer in today’s competitive business environment. It is one of the most compelling reasons for adopting the cloud, along with the following:


  • Transit to a Remotely Distributed Environment
  • Build a Connected Enterprise
  • Ensure Scalability and Flexibility
  • Optimize Costs
  • Improve Collaboration and Visibility
  • Ensure Certainty with a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Be Compliant with Regulations

You can leverage the content services platform on the cloud to operate in a remote environment, meet evolving business needs, integrate seamlessly with your existing IT systems, and deliver a delightful customer experience.

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