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What is Case Management?

In the modern business landscape, organizations are constantly faced with unanticipated scenarios and circumstances, such as customers’ escalations, process exemptions, frauds, incorrectly credited payments, and rejections of legible health claims. Each case reflects a unique situation and involves complex interactions between content, people, and business and regulatory policies. These cases must be approached in a balanced manner to achieve desired business outcomes. Case handling involves managing information, giving judgments, and ensuring domain expertise.

Case management is a software-based approach for handling business cases, from initiation to resolution.  It combines human actions with intelligent automation. The progression of a case to resolution is typically driven by human decision making, unexpected events, policies and rules, and changes to content status rather than the factors that can be predetermined and prescribed using a structured workflow design.

How has Case Management Evolved?

Case management, as a style of work, has existed for years. However, case management software applications were largely confined to some specific industries, including government, legal, insurance, and healthcare.

Since 2014, there has been a steady increase in interest for case management from business leaders across various other industries, including banking and financial services, retail, real estate, and land development.

The constant pressure to ensure transparency and traceability in the complete decision-making process, regulatory compliance, and contextual engagements are some of the driving forces behind the growing interest. The different areas of work that are eventually being seen as “case-oriented” rather than transactional include:

case management software
  • Mortgage origination
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Fraud investigations
  • Human resource grievances
  • University admissions
  • Background checks
  • Grants management
  • Customer complaints

Case workers have lately started leveraging advanced case management solutions, which enable them to gain detailed insights, maximize responsiveness, and ensure adaptability.

What to Look for in an Ideal Case Management Software?

  • Ability to create, manage, and share relevant content, information, data, and reports to all case stakeholders
  • Unified case file to view complete case-related content, residing in different formats and locations
  • Real-time case lifecycle visualization
  • Flexibility to execute discretionary tasks based on changing goals
  • Ad hoc task creation capabilities to handle unprecedented situations during run-time
  • Auto-classification tools to seamlessly store, archive, and retrieve case-related information

What are Different Types of Case Management?

The concept of case management can be applied to cater to different business needs and can be broken down into 3 broad categories, such as:

Investigative Case Management

Involve fraud investigations across various organizational processes by using advanced analytics and audit capabilities

For instance, tax, credit and insurance fraud, legal investigations, background checks, and IP protection

Service Request Management

Involve the fulfillment of a request for servicing. Fulfillment is often a contractual obligation that specifies the service-level expectation

For instance, insurance and healthcare claims, warranty fulfillment, and telecommunications service provisioning

Incident Management

Involve incidents that can create operational, customer-related, or statutory issues in an organization and need to be rectified to avoid future re-occurrence

For instance, dispute resolution, HR grievances, etc.

How Does Newgen Solve for Your Case Management Needs?

Case Creation and Configuration

Easily create and configure cases using a predefined global task library with ready-to-use discretionary tasks. Leverage the library to gain access to older cases used in similar contexts and utilize them with minor modifications. Furthermore, quickly configure routing conditions, exceptions, user/group allocation, etc.

Dynamic Task Creation and Execution

Flexibly conceptualize, create, and execute discretionary tasks while leveraging the experience and expertise of case workers, based on the changing goals and requirements. Additionally, create ad hoc tasks to handle unprecedented situations during run-time

Collaborative Decision Making

Gain access to unified case file, with case data, tasks, documents, forms, to-do lists, and other case-related information, for 360-degree case visualization. Ensure better decision making by knowledge workers with real-time case sharing and collaboration


Case Visibility and Insights

Visualize case lifecycle and gain insights into case and task workers’ performances in real time. Get system-generated automated notifications to take immediate action once a task is initiated, completed, reassigned, declined, and failed

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