Boost Microsoft 365 applications with intelligent business processes and enhanced information governance

Enhance Microsoft 365 applications with the best-in-class content management, process automation, and records management capabilities for increased productivity and efficiency. Leverage NewgenONE integration ecosystem for Microsoft 365 to integrate your Microsoft applications with ERP, CRM, and other vertical-specific solutions. Enable easy and unified access to transactional content, ensure compliance, facilitate controlled information access, and eliminate content silos.

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams interface with a unified workbench view that facilitates efficient content management, seamless collaboration, and content sharing, while enabling process automation, records management, and content management

Ability to automatically store, view, and manage your MS Teams meeting/call recordings, making them accessible throughout the organization

Microsoft Office

Seamless integration with content editing applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allowing for easy collaboration with co-workers

Centralized repository for storing and managing content with capabilities such as document versioning, access control, audit, etc.

Microsoft Outlook

Smart ingestion and storage of Outlook e-mails

Ability to automatically initiate business processes or archive e-mails for long-term retention


Efficient management of content in Microsoft 365 applications, such as Outlook, MS Office applications, and MS Teams, along with Sharepoint

Anytime-anywhere content access without having to worry about the document version or content duplicity

Why Should You Integrate Microsoft 365 Applications with NewgenONE Platform

Why Should You Integrate Microsoft 365 Applications with NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform

Increase employee productivity by leveraging Microsoft 365 capabilities in applications such as ERP, CRM, and other vertical-based applications

Apply long-term retention and governance policies and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Leverage Newgen’s low code process automation platform’s capabilities to boost your investment in Microsoft 365

Drive intelligent decision-making and increase operational efficiency by leveraging Newgen’s AI/ML-based content services

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