Leverage different visualization techniques, including bubble charts, scatter plots, and others to present findings from the data in an easy and clean manner. Furthermore, prepare the data for model training by detecting and repairing errors, cleansing data, and performing sanity checks using machine learning-based data quality analysis

Data Visulization Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Visualize and Auto Explore Data

Perform automated exploratory analysis on terabytes of data while leveraging the power of distributed computing

Visualize and report data through interactive bubble charts, histograms, scatter plots, and other visualization techniques

Visualize and explore data from different dimensions by creating pivot tables

Cleanse Data and Perform Sanity Checks

Leverage comprehensive data cleaning abilities at complete dataset and column level

Perform machine learning-based data quality analysis operations, including predicting missing values, dropping correlated columns, zero-variance columns, etc.

Perform Statistical Analysis and Generate Reports

Provide approximate distribution inference for each data column

Enable access to several reporting and statistics analysis parameters, including standard deviation, correlation, outliers, etc., for each column

Use the underlying computing capacity with the flexibility to perform exploration on the complete data or on a small sample

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