Get a holistic view of your accounts receivables and complete visibility into the status of declined, outstanding, one-time, and recurring payments. By leveraging the accounts receivable solution, built on NewgenONE, you can conveniently access the customers’ information and details of their respective invoices. Enable your business users to capture any customer-stated reason for late submission of invoices and easily add a remark specifying the next committed payment date. Leverage the case management feature to dynamically create and assign tasks based on customers’ actions. Standardize all transactions while giving single-click access to collections’ information, sourced directly from core financial systems. Auto-segregate receivables, along with the supporting artefacts, based on aging; archives complete information into a centralized repository.

Features of Newgen Accounts Receivable Automation Software

Collections and Dunning

Auto assigning invoices to respective collection agent

Detailed invoice analysis

Options to hold/extend the payment period for the invoices based on customers’ request

Auto classification/triggering of invoices

Instant generation of collections summary

Dynamic task assignment to users from different departments—insurance, legal, etc.

Robust integration with third-party systems

Customer Management

Easy-to-use self-service portal for customers/partners to submit onboarding requests

Configurable business validation rules to avoid fraudulent requests

Options for a customer to submit their update requests on the customer portal

Dynamic routing of approvals

Real-time integration with ERPs

Exception handling and auditing

Continuous monitoring and alerts

Brands using NewgenONE Platform
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