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Document generation is an essential component of any business. Organizations rely on various documents for communicating with customers to keep them abreast with new updates and important information. Besides keeping customers informed, these communications also play a key role in generating new business and tapping various up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

However, enterprises need to stay competitive and streamline their key processes, including generating documents, to flourish in the modern age. This blog shares insights on how you can crack the document generation code.

What is a Document Generation Software?

Document generation software simplifies and accelerates the complete process by automatically creating documents based on pre-defined rules and templates. It helps in generating data-driven documents, such as contracts, invoices, sales proposals, forms, work orders, and others, that are essential for organizations ranging from banks, insurers, and governments to telecoms.

How Has Document Generation Evolved?

Stage 1: Paper-based Documents

Historically, data-intensive organizations, including banking and financial institutions, government agencies, and shared services centers, focused on document generation to share large volumes of paper-based transactional documents via email. These documents comprised account statements, policy letters, utility bills, and other documents with any transactional information with mass promotional details (if any).

Stage 2: Digital Documents

Business leaders realized the need for more efficient alternatives to reduce paper-based, manual operations and go digital. This led to the adoption of emails, e-statements, e-bills, and more. Gradually, this trend became the norm, and document generation software was now expected to offer digital capabilities. Organizations also wanted the software to provide features for disbursing personalized promotional offers.

Stage 3: Customer-First Approach

With the emergence of new, interactive digital channels like social media and messengers, the role of document generation software further evolved. Organizations started realizing how critical it is to keep the customers happily engaged and began embracing a customer-first approach. This created the need for more personalized and engaging customer communications. Thus, the need for a modern and efficient system.

What’s Lacking in Traditional Document Generation Software?

As organizations’ communication needs evolved, from archaic paper-based methods to fast-paced, digital channels, sticking with traditional software is no longer an option.

Traditional document generation software fall shortin the below areas:

  • Primarily focused on generating generic and static content
  • Capable of delivering printed, batch-generated communications only
  • Highly dependent on back-office and IT departments
  • Meant for on-premises deployment
  • Unable to comply with various security and regulatory standards

Furthermore, this software lacks the capability for capturing inbound communications and might slow down your organization’s time-to-market.

Introducing a Modern Customer Communications Management Software

Modern customer communications management (CCM) software streamlines the complete communication process, from generation to delivery. It provides a centralized platform that connects an organization’s enterprise and core applications, web modules, portals, customer relationship management systems, and other systems. It automates the delivery of communications across multiple engagement channels, including email, print, SMS, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. The software enables you to design, format, send, print, and distribute a wide range of communications over customers’ preferred channels.

Additionally, modern CCM software helps you personalize communications based on customer profiles, interests, and behavioral patterns, and share targeted communications.

Document Generation Software Vs. Modern CCM Software

It’s not strange to confuse document generation software with CCM software. These terms are often interchangeably used as both the software share many similarities. CCM software has many features and capabilities, and generating documents is one of its aspects. However, CCM software can do much more than just document generation.

Document Generation Software Vs. Modern CCM Software

CCM software is considered a medium to reach out to customers digitally on multiple channels and devices with personalized documents, letters, and other correspondences. The primary focus lies in delivering the right message at the right place and at the right time with a touch of personalization. It enables better, more informed decision-making by providing insights into the delivery status of these communications.

In its essence, CCM software is not only focused on delivering outbound communications but also helps manage and provides visibility into inbound communications received from customers.

Master Document Generation and More with a Modern CCM Software

Modern CCM software offers the following capabilities:

User-friendly Template Design

Design engaging customer communications with user-friendly and ready-to-use templates that do not require any coding. Configure responsive communications and apply personalization rules while maintaining security. Furthermore, ensure personalized, effective, and compliant communications in line with your branding guidelines

Personalized Customer Experience

Enable responsive customer interactions across channels and document generation through self-service portals. Reduce the customer’s wait time and deliver a delightful experience. Leverage digital sensing to listen to your customers across channels in real-time and analyze their interactions

Scalability and Compliance

Ensure auto-archival of every communication while complying with regulatory and data protection requirements. Generate real-time reports and track delivery of communications across various channels, including print, email, and web

Seamless and Secure Communications

Leverage integration ecosystem and cloud-ready APIs for SaaS applications to ensure seamless and secure information flow across systems. Interact with your customers on-demand through their preferred digital channels. Secure communication content in various forms to enhance information accessibility and faster retrieval

Newgen’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform lets you design, manage, and distribute end-to-end communications from one centralized platform and helps deliver superior experience through personalized communications across channels.