Establish data and information consistency across channels, applications, and third-party systems through master data management. Empower users to create, manage, and delete master data tables based on their specific business requirements. Ensure centralized data management, enforce governance policies across organization, and standardize critical enterprise data for valuable business insights.

Data Model Design Capability of NewgenONE Platform

Visual Data Modelling and Management

Simple graphical interface and wizard-based mechanism for data modeling and management

Prebuilt data types, including currency, phone number, and binary, for creating data models quickly

Entity relations (ER) diagrams to provide a visual representation of complex data structures

Multi-level approvals for master data update requests, reducing errors and improving data consistency

Data Virtualization and Synchronization

Single source of truth as all the data from multiple applications and systems, including third-party data sources, is accessible from a common interface

Out of the box connectors to fetch data from multiple databases such as MySQL, SQL server, Postgres, Oracle and others

Advanced join and arithmetic operations to fetch, sort, and filter data from external database connections

Real-time synchronization of data at defined intervals for improved response times for data requests

Data Object Reusability

Importing of data objects from external systems in the form of Excel and JSON files for faster data model creation

Definition of data object templates for consistency and accuracy across portals and processes, reducing errors and increasing standardization

Exporting any data object or structure for reusability

Separation of logical data structure from the actual data source to enable reusability of logical data definition

Data Security and Encryption

Marking of data fields as read-only, mandatory, or unique to maintain consistency

Data masking and encryption for protecting sensitive user data

Detailed audit logs for monitoring security breaches, performance issues, and compliance requirements

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