Integrate with SAP applications for enhanced efficiency and information governance

Make the most of your existing investment by seamlessly integrating your SAP applications, whether on-premises or on cloud, with NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform. Enable end-to-end content management, real-time collaboration, certified records management, and easy access to content across applications through a dedicated workbench view.

Unified Information Access

Anytime-anywhere access to content related to your SAP business object through your preferred channel

Consistent and unified content view, giving context to content and processes right within the SAP interface

End-to-end Process Orchestration and Automation

Single platform for automating simple and complex business processes, managing enterprise content lifecycle, and enabling inbound and outbound customer communication management

Centralized Document Management

Advanced capabilities for managing content across SAP and other applications through a single interface

Support for enhanced document versioning, access control, intelligent content services, and advanced metadata management in sync with business objects from SAP

Certified Records Management

DoD 5015.2, NRAA Oman, and VERS certified records management system

Compliant records management with adherence to retention, data privacy, and other legal requirements

Secure and Robust External and Internal Collaboration

Built-in collaboration capabilities, such as secure and protected sharing, annotations, audit trails, and more

Why Should You Integrate SAP Applications with NewgenONE Platform

Eliminate gaps between business objectives and underlying systems. This will enable users to retrace results to meet business objectives

Enable seamless change management with faster time-to-market

Improve productivity by providing the required information to users for making decisions and automating repetitive/redundant tasks

Connect people, processes, data, and things to help organizations go beyond transactional efficiencies of ERPs

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