Intelligent Extraction

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to capture and streamline data.

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  - Intelligent Extraction

Extract critical data from paper and digital documents to streamline your content-driven processes, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce errors. Aggregate documents from disparate sources, make them legible, extract data with precision, while continuously improving extraction accuracy. Enable identity document data extraction and redaction using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

 -  - Intelligent Extraction
Intelligent Extraction

Automated Data Extraction and Verification

  • Automated interfaces for speedy and accurate data extraction and verification
  • Availability of real-time information and error-free data for informed decision making
  • Scalability for handling an increasing volume of documents

Intelligent Image Capture

  • Automatic detection and correction of image distortions for real-time quality improvements in single or multi-page scanned documents
  • Enhanced accuracy through Extraction Analytics on historical data

Document Definition and Extraction

  • Low code capability for defining document types with varied layouts
  • Pre-configured document types from various verticals for quicker implementation
  • Support for a wide array of extraction technologies, like ICR, OMR, OCR, Barcode, and MICR
Intelligent Extraction

Reports and Visualization

  • Contextual reports and dashboards with insights into various levels of accuracy
  • Image-assisted output analysis, with monitoring of extraction throughput and accuracy trends

Identity Document Recognition, Extraction, and Redaction

  • Identification of entities based on name, date of birth, ID number, etc., and classification of the recognized entities. Also identify, locate, decipher, and extract QR code and MRZ in the identity document
  • Extraction of textual entities using OCR after processing the identity document image
  • Redaction of classified entities for hiding personal identifiable information

Confidence Levels and Customized Models

  • Ability to measure the correctness of entity identification and extraction through localization and OCR confidence percentages
  • Creation of new use case-specific analytics models, using a collection of samples

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