Look into the future! Analyze trends and predict the impact of strategic changes within your enterprise using our process insights tool. Uncover business risks and bottlenecks by evaluating historical data and creating real-world, industry-standard simulations.

Process Insights Capability of NewgenONE Platform

What-if Scenarios and Analysis

Historical data analyzer for identifying bottlenecks, delayed activities, and demand spikes

Industry-standard simulator for analyzing potential outcomes

Configurable Simulations

Web-based interface for creating real-world scenarios

Preemptive reconfiguration of processes to deliver better business values

Heatmaps, Reports, and Drilldowns

Color-coded heatmaps and summarized reports for various KPIs

Process- to activity-level drilldowns and advanced visualization

AI-driven Forecasting and Analytics

Workload and completion time predictions based on past data

“Best course of action” suggestions to meet the desired process KPIs

Better resource utilization through recommended resource allocation, resulting in cost-effectiveness and reduced turnaround times

KPI Monitoring and SLA Adherence

Monitoring of process and activity-level KPIs, including the percentage of SLAs met, average TAT, and resource usage

Adherence with process and activity-level SLAs with real-time visualization and optimization

Comprehensive Analysis

Time trend analysis for complete monitoring of processes

Root cause analysis by deep diving into reports

Intelligent Process Automation Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

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All you need to know about Process Insights

The NewgenONE Platform provides its own process mining tool and process insights for detailed analysis. The tools enable bottleneck identification, simulation, what-if-analysis, and optimization. For customers requiring task mining and process discovery capabilities, the platform integrates with Soroco and Celonis.

Process insights can help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in a workflow by providing a clear view of the end-to-end process, including how long each step takes, how many resources are used, and where delays occur. This information can be used to pinpoint specific areas that require improvement, such as unnecessary steps or handoffs, slow manual processes, or overloaded resources. By analysing process data, organizations can identify patterns and trends that may not be apparent from individual process steps, allowing for targeted improvements and more efficient and effective workflows.

Process insights can be used to improve customer experience by identifying areas of the process that are causing delays or errors and correcting them to reduce customer wait times and errors. Also, by analyzing the customer journey, organizations can gain insights into how customers interact with their processes and identify areas that can be improved to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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