Communication Distribution

Enable secure distribution of communication content through customers’ preferred channels.

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 Customer Communication Distribution Software - Communication Distribution

Customer Communication Distribution Software

Leverage a unified system to track and send messages via e-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp. Ensure timely communication with customers through the channel of their choice using our dynamic distribution engine.

Furthermore, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements related to the archival of physical and electronic communication records. Secure communication content in various forms to enhance information accessibility and faster retrieval.

 -  - Communication Distribution
Communication Distribution

Unified and Configurable System

  • Single, centralized system enabling timely delivery of communication through customers’ preferred channels
  • Configurable communication modes and preferences per customer needs

Communication Distribution Efficiency

  • Efficient document distribution through parallel processing
  • Support for multiple print output formats, including PDF, PostScript, AFP, and HTML

Multi-channel Communication

  • Rule-based distribution to enable communication across digital and traditional channels
  • Ready-made adaptors for distribution across social media platforms
Communication Distribution

Content Access and Archival

  • Integration with third-party archival system to store and access communication content
  • Secure archival of communications, without scripting

Communication Tracking and Validation

  • Tracking delivery status of communications, including delivered, clicked, undelivered, and bounced
  • Sampling and proofing for output validation before distribution

Capabilities of Newgen OmniChannel Cusotmer Engagement Platform

Decipher your customers’ interactions across channels...

Create engaging communications with simple, drag-and-drop...

Deliver personalized and responsive communications.

Enable secure distribution of communication content through...

Stay on top of customer communications with end-to-end...

Design engaging communications with user-friendly templates.

Success Stories

Policy generation in under 5 seconds - Communication Distribution
Policy generation in under 5 seconds
One of India’s leading insurance companies implements a communication management system to streamline their policy...
Automation of 300+ templates - Communication Distribution
Automation of 300+ templates
Riyadh-based bank automates and standardizes their content management processes to rapidly generate communications and...
Communication creation in 1-2 hours - Communication Distribution
Communication creation in 1-2 hours
South-Asian bank drastically reduces turnaround time and delivers enhanced customer experiences by enabling end-to-end...

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