Maintain a 360-degree view of your customers’ communication life cycle through comprehensive dashboards and reports. Generate real-time reports and track delivery of communications across various channels, including print, e-mail, and web. Meet your compliance and audit requirements by capturing and archiving detailed communication logs.

Communication Monitoring Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Real-time Monitoring

Comprehensive tracking of communication across all channels, using dashboards for a holistic view

Customizable dashboards tailored for department and business needs

Batch Communication

Batch communication dashboard with filters for schedule, job, status and/or timestamp

Pause, retry, resume, and stop capabilities to control high volume communication batches

Alerts and Notifications

Automatic alerts and notifications of communication generation and distribution status

Monitoring of read, unread, or bounced communications, as well as click rates of promotional offers

Flexible Reporting

User-defined customizable reports to suit business needs

Detailed operational reports with graphs, charts, and drill downs

Multiple dashboard views for ease of comprehension

Export of monitoring data to various formats including Microsoft Excel

Secure Archival and Access

Archival of monitoring logs to meet audit and compliance requirements

Access to dashboards and reports based on department and role

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