Generate highly personalized batch, on-demand, and interactive communications. Enable job-based generation and scheduling of output cycles based on your customers’ preferences. Also, deliver consistent communications in real time by leveraging an exhaustive gallery of templates and information from enterprise applications and systems.

Communication Generation Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Real-time and Ad-hoc Communications

Real-time communication generation with access to customer information

Ad-hoc communication generation from website, mobile, or business applications

Personalized Correspondence

Relevant, targeted communications based on customer profiles

Interactive editor for controlled and permission-based editing of the document to support one-on-one correspondence

Scheduling and Monitoring

Job-based output scheduling, especially for communications such as bills, financial statements, and policies

Controlled and permission-based editing for reduced errors

No-code Development Environment

User-friendly, no coding document generation tool

Output optimization through automatic sorting and bundling of documents

Reporting and Collaboration

Real-time status monitoring through detailed operational reports

Concurrent collaboration for reviews and approvals

Data from Multiple Sources

Integration with a template gallery and various applications

Core systems integration for automatic data population from enterprise systems

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