Customer Overview

The customer is a financial services group with integrated networking expanding across over 30 nations and regions. The organization caters to the needs of its customers through its 3 business divisions including retail, investment, and wholesale.


The customer faced multiple challenges in its financial processes such as inefficiencies in data entry, cumbersome document management, and limited visibility.

  • Error-prone manual data entry
  • Incomplete risk assessment leading to compliance issues
  • Manual and delayed document generation
  • Lack of real-time visibility and responsiveness

How Newgen Made a Difference

Newgen proposed its business process management (iBPS), contextual content management (CCM), and enterprise communication management (ECM) platforms. The NewgenONE platform helped to automate and streamline the organization’s credit origination processes with robust capabilities and seamless integration.

The Benefits

  • Timely decision-making
  • Enhanced governance
  • Improved time management and collaboration
  • Operational efficiency

Read the complete case study to understand how the customer witnessed a transformative impact across the organization by adopting Newgen’s low-code application platform.

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