Procurement Management

Cut down procurement cycle times by automating purchasing and vendor processes.

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 Procurement Management Software - Procurement Management

Procurement Management Software

Leverage the unified procurement management framework, built on NewgenONE—a low code digital transformation platform—to optimize and manage the end-to-end purchasing process seamlessly. Tap the  solution’s built-in capabilities to manage critical processes across the procurement cycle, including requests for quotes (RFQs), pricing & discounts, purchase planning, ordering & requests, purchase orders (POs), delivery & scheduling, and open orders & budget accounting, portal-based quote/bid submission, final invoicing, and disbursement of payments. Integrate with different ERPs, third-party systems, and legacy applications to gain detailed insights into complete lifecycle of transactions and maintain reliable, risk-free operations.


Supply Chain for the Digital World

Read this guidebook for COOs/CIOs to discover how you can enhance agility and flexibility in your supply chain, seamlessly adapt to unforeseen circumstances, mitigate business risks, and ensure uninterrupted operations.

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Solutions for Supply Chain

Procurement Management

Purchase Requisition (PR) to Quote Comparison

  • Quick creation of purchase indent
  • Easy classification of purchase requisitions
  • Guided vendor selection
  • Simplified quotation creation
  • Purchase requisition generation based on inventory and approvals
  • Vendor portal-based submission and comparison of quotes
  • Auto-ranking of vendor quotes for informed decision making
Procurement Management

Bid Management

  • Online bidding against non-satisfactory vendor quotations
  • Options for selecting a specific set of vendors for bidding
  • Bid duration settings for each request
  • Auto alerts and notifications
  • Bid submission via portal, with visibility into bid ranking and status
Procurement Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Real-time audit of contracting actions
  • Smarter contract authoring and information tracking
  • Options for inviting counterparty for collaborative negotiations, minimizing TATs
  • Contracts signing and distribution to relevant stakeholders
  • Robust tracking of obligations, performance, and renewals with intelligent governance
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Procurement Management

Vendor Onboarding and Management

  • Configurable business validation rules to avoid fraudulent requests
  • Options for blocking/unblocking specific vendors based on the final decisions
  • Dynamic approvals based on predefined business rules
  • Smart communications to relevant stakeholders
  • Robust integration with ERPs
  • Exception handling and comprehensive auditing
Procurement Management

Purchase Order

  • Generation of purchase orders, acknowledgment, and award letters
  • Instant pushing of PO details into ERP applications
  • Reverse update ERP purchase order number to workflows
  • Alerts and notifications to vendors on successful generation of POs
  • Real-time visibility into open purchase orders on the portal
Procurement Management

Inventory Management

  • Creation of advance shipment notice based on electronic notifications from vendors
  • Timely communications with vendors in case of delayed shipments
  • Robust integration with ERP to post goods receipt notes (GRNs)
  • Visibility for vendors against processed GRNs on the vendor portal
  • Intuitive dashboard for real-time status and updates
Procurement Management

Invoice Processing

  • Multi-channel capturing of invoices
  • AI-powered classification and multi-engine extraction of invoices
  • AI-powered de-dupe checks
  • Image-assisted validations and fuzzy matching
  • Exception management, approvals, and payment management
  • Robust built-in rules for touchless processing of invoices
  • Seamless communication and query management with vendors via the vendor portal
  • Strict adherence with local and global laws & regulations
Procurement Management

Vendor Portal

  • Approval-based sign-up for vendors
  • Smooth submission of invoices with detailed tracking
  • Instant response mechanism against invoice-related queries
  • Self-transaction initiation and tracking by vendors
  • Seamless management of vendor documents

Success Stories

Streamlined contract management - Procurement Management
Streamlined contract management
The US-based multinational corporation had a manual process of creating and managing contracts and no centralized...
Decreased process cycle times by 50% - Procurement Management
Decreased process cycle times by 50%
The client, a privately-held Dubai-based conglomerate, leveraged Newgen’s robotic process management suite to automate...
Improved processing efficiency by 60% - Procurement Management
Improved processing efficiency by 60%
A global alcoholic beverage manufacturer streamlines their accounts payable and receivable processes to reduce...

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