Centralize the complete sales order management process by leveraging the robust solutions, built on NewgenONE—a low code digital transformation platform. Eliminate manual steps, including validating contracts, limits, checking stock levels with other silos applications, keying in data into spreadsheets, and generating invoices, thereby minimizing turnaround time. Utilize the built-in features of the solution that auto-adjusts pricing on sales order records to match the price rules you have set for sales offers, discounts, and events. Automate these price differences, thereby drastically minimizing errors and keeping your customers happy.

Features of Newgen Sales Order Management Software

Stock and Sales

Personalized communications and notifications

Intelligent OCR extraction from documents

Vigilant duplicate order checks

Robust exception handling

Anytime, anywhere creation of material code

License fulfillment

Automated invoice updates and delivery notes

Item code creation

Back-to-back Order Processing

Detailed screening for unauthorized requests

Automated material code and purchase order creation

Inventory checks, alerts, and notifications

Exception handling and automatic routing of tasks

Quick amendment and placement of vendor POs

Secure document management for pre-shipments

Export Import Documentation

Container booking management

Logistic movement planning

Seamless container manifestation

Filling and receipt of shipping bills

Accurate post-shipment documentation

Export finance to the bank for payment

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