Rapid Application Development Platform - Rapid Application Development Platform

Rapid Application Development Platform

Leverage Newgen’s low code application development software to build complex applications without compromising on speed and quality

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What is Rapid Application Development?

Speed is the new business imperative for business leaders. The strategic speed is directly impacted by the ability to develop (or change) business applications rapidly. Modern business leaders are keen on leveraging their in-house expertise to rapidly build applications without burdening their employees with high coding efforts. In alignment with the change and expectations of business leaders, rapid application development, a form of agile software development methodology, comes to the rescue.

Rapid application development is geared towards developing applications, with minimal coding and high flexibility. It utilizes low code application development tools to create applications in a hassle-free manner. These low code tools are graphical user interface-based, which make it easy-to-use and need minimal coding support while creating enterprise-grade applications for web and mobile. Additionally, it is not only limited to developing applications. Established rapid application development platforms also provide a DevOps mechanism to constantly deliver new features, fixes, and updates with ease. Enterprises utilize a rapid application delivery platform for faster software delivery and continuous iterations.

How has Rapid Application Development Evolved?

Earlier, developing applications was a daunting and time-consuming task. A large team of professional developers was required to go through the tiring process of writing lengthy codes. Furthermore, developers had to take care of different aspects, including frontend development, backend integration, functionality development, testing, and deployment. However, with the changing times and evolving technological landscape, the application development process can be done in days and hours.

Why Rapid Application Development Over Traditional Application Development?

 -  - Rapid Application Development Platform

What to Look for in an Ideal Rapid Application Development Platform?

  • Enterprise-grade mobility framework to create a boundary-less workplace
  • DevOps tools to implement changes in applications and deploy them instantly
  • Simplified application composition with reusable components
  • Flexible deployment options, including cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid
  • Easy-to-use ready-made APIs or mechanism to develop custom APIs without any coding expertise
  • Rapid delivery of comprehensive web and mobile apps, reducing overall time to market
  • Hassle-free creation of user interfaces, workflows, data models, and forms to deliver rich and interactive applications
  • Responsive capabilities to “design once and render anywhere” based on multiple form factors
  • Glitch-free creation of progressive web apps to deliver a seamless experience across web and mobile

How does Newgen Solve for Your Rapid Application Needs?

Low code application development

Leverage a modeling-driven environment to empower your professional IT developers with rapid development and deployment of complex, content-centric, and customer engaging applications. Use point-and-click configurability to create mission-critical applications with speed and agility

Enterprise mobility

Develop, deploy, and manage highly configurable mobile apps across Android, iOS, and web platforms. Integrate mobile apps with your backend systems of record to enable a collaborative work environment


Manage the end-to-end application development lifecycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates in alignment with business objectives. Streamline different stages of the pipeline by using built-in dashboards and ensure real-time monitoring while maximizing efficiency and enabling flexibility

Integration ecosystem

Connect disparate data sources and applications using streamlined integration mechanisms to bridge information silos and boost workforce productivity. Utilize your full spectrum of investments, ranging from legacy applications to modern, cloud-based solutions

UI designing

Utilize visual development tools to empower business users in building full-stack applications. Leverage template-based user interface development while creating applications, thereby enhancing speed and agility

Success Stories

Account opening and loan disbursal in 2-3 days - Rapid Application Development Platform
Account opening and loan disbursal in 2-3 days
US-based bank automates and streamlines account opening and lending processes...
90% increase in workforce productivity - Rapid Application Development Platform
90% increase in workforce productivity
NIC Bank centralizes and digitizes their processes to improve productivity...
Improved agility and responsiveness - Rapid Application Development Platform
Improved agility and responsiveness
National Commercial Bank Jamaica leverages a low code digital transformation platform...