Omnichannel Customer Engagement - Omnichannel Customer Engagement

NewgenONE Platform

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Drive real-time personalized engagement across touchpoints at scale

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Engage with customers in context through their channels of preference with full control and visibility across the enterprise. Design all communications – standard or custom – rapidly through visual modelling-driven environment and integrate them in process through plug-and-play. Deliver a delightful experience across the journey by keeping customers, partners, and employees connected in context across applications and touchpoints.

With Our Customer Engagement Solutions, You Can Do It All

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

User-friendly Template Design

Design engaging customer communications with user-friendly and ready-to-use templates that do not require any coding. Configure responsive communications and apply personalization rules while maintaining security. Furthermore, effortlessly migrate communication templates from legacy CCM systems to modern cloud-based OmniOMS platform

Modern Designer, User-friendly Templates

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Personalized Customer Experience

Enable responsive customer interactions across channels, and document generation through self-service portals. Reduce the customer’s wait time and deliver a delightful experience. Leverage digital sensing to listen to your customers across channels in real time and analyze their interactions

Communication Generation, Digital and Social Sensing

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Scalability and Compliance

Leverage the cloud-native platform services to scale with ease and deliver brand-compliant communications faster. The cloud-friendly platform, with docker support on container architecture, enables organizations to ensure quick and effortless deployments with no downtime. Ensure 100% auto archival of every communication while complying with regulatory and data protection requirements. Maintain a 360-degree view of your customers’ communication life cycle by using comprehensive dashboards and reports

Tracking and Monitoring

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Seamless and Secure Communications

Leverage integration ecosystem and cloud-ready APIs for SaaS applications to ensure seamless and secure information flow across systems. Ensure security and confidentiality of sensitive customer data to meet regulatory guidelines

Secure Distribution

Trusted by Customers

Michael Decouto - Chief Digital and Marketing Officer - Clarien Bank Bermuda - Omnichannel Customer Engagement
With Newgen’s digital automation platform, we transformed the customer onboarding process at our branches in the first phase of our implementation. After the success of this project, we rolled out a retail loan origination system for our customers along with automating the credit card process. We plan to launch Newgen’s omnichannel customer engagement (CCM) . . .

Michael Decouto

Chief Digital and Marketing Officer

Clarien Bank Bermuda

Trusted by Analysts

A Business Automation “Leader” in the 2021 Aspire Leaderboard for CCM

Omnichannel Engagement capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Create engaging communications with simple, drag-and-drop functionalities

Enable secure distribution of communication content through customers’ preferred channels

Generate and deliver personalized and responsive communications at scale

Stay on top of customer communications with end-to-end visibility

Design engaging and responsive communications with user-friendly templates

Decipher your customers’ interactions across channels using AI and ML

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