Leverage the GenAI-powered integrated platform to bring innovative solutions to the market while maintaining a highly regulated process, from drug discovery to clinical trials. Sustain a dynamic ecosystem encompassing a diverse range of players, including clinical research organizations (CROs), durable medical equipment (DME) firms, medical device companies, and wearable health companies. Manage all aspects of clinical trials, including document management, participant data capture, and a lot more, while staying compliant with mandates. Ensure easy protocol development, site selection, patient recruitment, data collection, and statistical analysis. Utilize comprehensive audit trails to keep a check on all actions performed within the system and ensure adherence with regulations like FDA and CFR (Part 11). Make the best of pre-built workflows and document templates while empowering resources to minimize turnaround time and align their bandwidth in doing value-added tasks.

Use Cases That Can Be Automated with NewgenONE for Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

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