Gone are the days when ‘content’ was synonymous with ‘documents.’ The digitization drive has marked the arrival of new forms of content such as social media posts, chats, tweets, audios, and videos.

But digital content brings with it a unique challenge of ‘storage space.’

New content formats such as audio/video and images consume much more space than simple textual files. This raises concerns such as exorbitant costs associated with infrastructure acquisition, maintenance, and storage forecasts.

Moving your enterprise content from on-premises to the cloud can help address the concerns associated with digital content storage. But moving the existing on-premises content to the cloud could be the real challenge. Enterprises need a solution for easily transitioning from on-premises storage to the cloud while ensuring governance and information security. This is where Storage Transition Manager (STM) on Newgen’s OmniDocs Contextual Content Services Platform comes into the picture.

Read this whitepaper to gain insights into:

  • Challenges associated with managing new-age, digital content
  • Benefits of a cloud strategy for storing digital content
  • Role played by STM on OmniDocs in fast-tracking your content migration journey
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