Automated Data Science

Optimize your machine learning (ML) model development for high performance and accuracy

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 Data Science Automation - Automated Data Science

Data Science Automation

Automate the end-to-end process of feature engineering and selection by using in-built capabilities. Make use of AutoML to achieve the best possible model performance and improve it further with automated hyperparameter tuning. Leverage the one-click option to deploy the model once it’s developed and evaluated

Automated Data Science

Automated Feature Engineering

  • Create various features automatically from different datasets by analyzing the relationship between columns and tables
  • Generate new features with the automated handling of the depth of the relationship between datasets
  • Add custom rules while creating new features

Automated Feature Selection

  • Achieve better model performance using ML-based feature selection from thousands of features to choose from
  • Get automated feature validation options based on the type of modeling algorithm
Automated Data Science

High-performance Auto ML

  • Get the best-suited model performance, with ML auto-selecting ideal pre-processing modeling algorithms and parameter configuration
  • Improve model performance with automated hyper parameter tuning through several optimization techniques, such as grid search, Bayesian optimization, etc.
  • Optimize the computation costs by using time-bound auto ML capabilities

Automated Model Deployment and Retraining

  • Ensure one-click deployment once the model is developed and evaluated
  • Leverage auto model retraining and selection based on a predefined frequency or an event

Capabilities of Newgen AI Cloud

Make informed business decisions and deliver a transformed customer experience

Visually prepare data at a massive scale

Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop design studio for model development

Rely on the server for intuitive model deployment and performance monitoring

Optimize your machine learning (ML) model development for high performance and accuracy

Leverage a visual interface for data exploration, comprehensive reporting, and data cleansing

Foster a conducive environment for better collaboration and research