Listen to customers across communication channels in real-time and analyze interactions using machine learning (ML) algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). Identify context to initiate back-end processes and drive appropriate actions for meaningful responses and faster resolutions.

Digital Sensing Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

AI-driven Learning

Supervised ML models based on neural networks to determine intent, classification, and sentiments. Natural language processing and named entity recognition for extracting relevant information

Ready-to-use, language-agnostic ML models for different verticals

Multi-channel Interactions

Anytime, anywhere engagement with customers in their preferred communication channels

Unified, single-stream interactions across all connected networks to enable monitoring of incoming messages

Case Routing and Prioritization

Auto-routing of customer queries, complaints, etc. to relevant departments

Prioritizing cases based on urgency, customer requirements, agents’ skill sets, and workload

Automated Response and Engagement

Delivering automatic, personalized, and contextual responses instantly

Tracking and reviewing historical customer interactions and events for a holistic view

Monitoring, Reporting, and Insights

Comprehensive and customizable dashboards, graphical charts, and reports with active, on-demand, and predictive analysis

Auto-generated insights to enable real-time decision making and to improve customer experience

Platform APIs

Out-of-the-box REST APIs for quick integration with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid-deployed systems

Integration with existing IT systems and business applications for seamless information flow

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