Capture data and content from multiple sources, including scanners, e-mails, hot folders, mobile devices, and multi-function printers, and translate it into actionable business information. Furthermore, enhance organizational efficiency by streamlining the three core areas of enterprise-level information capture—scan, transform, and deliver.

Content Capture Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Multichannel Data and Content Capture

Multichannel capture for contextual processing

Integration adaptors for connection with fax, scanners, e-mail, portal, and MFPs

Paperless Processing

Conversion of paper-based processes and documents into digitized, actionable data for easy processing and management

Enterprise-level scanning for a decentralized, high volume production environment

Automated, Document-centric Processes

Automation of document-intensive business processes, including document handling, storage, manual entry, and verification of data

Saving of time and resources spent on indexing and verifying information

Enhanced Image Quality

Image enhancement techniques for improving the quality of scanned images

Quick data transmission with automatic image compression and cropping

Security and Content Auditing

Security of captured content through authentication and role-based access

Comprehensive audit trail of content capture and delivery

Information Classification and Smart Indexing

Automated classification, separation, and extraction tools for reduced manual errors and delivery of reliable data to back-end systems

Automated indexing to ensure faster and easy identification of documents

Contextual Content Services Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform
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