Grants Management Software

Automate the lifecycle of grant disbursement for seamless, intelligent, and timely management.

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 Grants Management Software For Government - Grants Management

Grants Management Software For Government

Standardize, streamline, and automate the complete grant lifecycle—from receiving an application and verifying applicant’s eligibility to monitoring work and post-awarding of grants. Leverage our grants management application based on a case management framework and apply its built-in configurable rules to optimize time, effort, and cost. Manage time-sensitive disbursements and communication with authorities for planning future funding requirements.

 -  - Grants Management
Grants Management

Streamlined Application Submission and Evaluation

  • Secure submission of online applications and seamless flow of information to fast-track requests
  • Streamlined approval cycles and collaboration with external stakeholders for efficient evaluation of applications

Unified, Omnichannel Processes

  • Reduced case cycle time with omnichannel, multi-user collaborative capabilities
  • Dynamic collaboration across stakeholders for seamless information exchange

Applicant Eligibility Checking

  • Defined rules and guidelines to verify applicant’s eligibility and determine risks in awarding each grant
  • Real-time information access and data update to facilitate tracking and planning
Grants Management

Automated and Connected Processes

  • End-to-end automation for unifying processes and reducing errors
  • Last-mile connectivity with mobile and tablet

Information Security and Access

  • Controlled access to information for data collection across disparate sources and continuous monitoring of the grant lifecycle
  • OTP-based authentication and data encryption for secure application access

Unified Data Capture

  • Data capture through electronic forms and digital imaging
  • Single, unified platform for easy integration

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Success Stories

Digitally transformed processes  - Grants Management
Digitally transformed processes
An Australian state government agency automated 13 processes and streamlined its records management
Gained 360-degree visibility of documents and records - Grants Management
Gained 360-degree visibility of documents and records
A Middle Eastern government body streamlines their records management processes for improved operational efficiency and...
Improved document security and centralization - Grants Management
Improved document security and centralization
A US-based public safety department achieves greater security and accessibility by digitizing their document management...

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