Enable the supply of relevant and accurate financial information with an effective record-to-report (R2R) automation solution to facilitate strategic and timely decision-making. Process and streamline existing transactional data to gain visibility and insights into the organization’s financial performance. Achieve operational efficiency with R2R’s unique features, including automated alerts and reminders, turnaround time management, multi-level approval, and audit mechanisms.

Features of Newgen Record to Report (R2R) Software

Transaction and Report Scheduling

Defining of scheduled transaction and reporting activities as daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Auto-triggering of notifications for scheduled activities

Journal Entry Upload

Bulk excel upload functionality of journal entries with support for different types of entry types

Auto-validation of Standard Chart of Accounts (SCoA) with the ERP

End-to-end Activity Tracking

Recording of each transaction to eliminate the chances of repeating, missing, or omitting entries in the accounting books

Chronological recording of journal entries/vouchers for clear visibility

Unified Comprehensive Interface

Single application for all R2R activities

Integration with multiple disparate systems to provide a single user-friendly interface

Exception Handling and Auditing

Checklists to eliminate errors and ensure process compliance

Centralized and web-based audit mechanism to maintain end-to-end audit trails

Continuous Monitoring and Alerts

Intuitive dashboard to effectively monitor journal entries/vouchers and process turnaround time

Rule-based alerts and notifications for timely decision-making

Brands using NewgenONE Platform
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