Leverage a wide array of simple, ready-to-use templates to design and manage batch, interactive, and on-demand customer communications. Create personalized communications by selecting desired fonts, images, and messages. Insert secured e-signatures, and embed targeted marketing offers.

Communication Templates of NewgenONE Platform

Ready-to-use Template Library

Central library of standardized templates to ensure design consistency

Master templates and Components repositories to enhance reusability

Wide variety of templates, including welcome notes, e-statements, payment acknowledgements, promotional letters, and more

Template Approval and Management

Check-in and check-out with base-lining functionality for version control

Tailored workflows to set up a multi-level template approval process

Maker-checker capability and template reading/writing per defined roles and privileges

Multi-lingual Support

Template processing in different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more

Delivery of communications in customers’ preferred languages

Auto-import/Export of Templates

Auto-import/export designer templates, enabling reusability across users and environments

Hassle-free import of existing PDFs and Word documents into designer templates

Notifications and Reporting

Automatic alerts and notifications on template approvals

Detailed template utilization reports with graphs, charts, and drilldowns

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