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 Manage your Guidewire claims and policy documents from a single unified interface - Newgen Guidewire Integration

Manage your Guidewire claims and policy documents from a single unified interface

Newgen OmniDocs Contextual Content Services platform seamlessly integrates with the Guidewire application to provide a 360-degree view of all the content related to customers, processes, and claims. The platform offers a powerful search engine and filters, enabling insurers to quickly access large documents, including recorded claims videos and high-definition images. Furthermore, the platform, when integrated with Guidewire, enables content lifecycle management, secure archival, and real-time collaboration.

Newgen is a Guidewire PartnerConnect partner building integrations for Guidewire PolicyCenter and Guidewire ClaimCenter! Click here to know more.

Newgen Guidewire Integration

Single Window Access to Content

  • Get a unified view of all the documents pertaining to a specific case
  • View and access content, including large-sized documents, images, audios, videos, MS Office files, and emails

Comprehensive Content Management

  • Store content based on the defined classification scheme in a centralized repository
  • Set multiple levels of access rights on folders and documents to enable different repository views for various users
  • Add documents, view properties, maintain versions, capture audit trails, annotate content including video and audio files, compare documents with synchronous scrolling and highlight differences, save PDF renditions, and more
Newgen Guidewire Integration

Streamlined Communications

  • Generate and archive documents, such as response letters, agreements, contracts, policies, and more using pre-defined templates
  • Deliver effective communications along with required attachments

Seamless Collaboration

  • Add notes, bookmarks, and comments on case-related documents
  • Initiate MS Teams and Zoom meetings from the Guidewire interface
Newgen Guidewire Integration

Easy Document Discovery

  • Find desired claims files and policy documents quickly with a powerful search engine and filters
  • Track all highlights, comments, and annotations within a document regardless of its size through a dedicated annotation search tool
Why Should You Integrate Guidewire with Newgen OmniDocs Contextual Content Services Platform

Get a unified view of all the case-related content from a single interface

Enable a single source of truth by managing all the Guidewire content on a centralized repository

Create and deliver effective communications using pre-defined templates

Leverage intuitive search tools and collaboration capabilities to enhance productivity and enable intelligent decision-making