Anurag Shah

Vice President, Head – Products and Solutions

Newgen Software

Tim Kennedy

Solution Alliance Manager

Guidewire Software

Ellen Carney

Principal Analyst


Insurers rely on content-heavy processes to generate quotations, create policies, process claims, file regulatory reports, and ensure compliance. The content could be in the form of documents, images, audio, and video files, and more. To effectively manage the growing content volume and types, insurers must integrate content management systems with their applications.

Join us for a webinar featuring experts from Forrester and Guidewire to learn how to optimize insurance processes. Discover how you can drive operational excellence by integrating content management and low-code/no-code (LCNC) applications.

Key highlights:

  • Significance of content management in insurance
  • Capabilities and benefits of LCNC apps
  • Strategies for successfully integrating content management and LCNC applications
  • Real-life use cases and success stories

There’s More!

Engage with our guest speakers in the live Q&A session, get personalized insights for your challenges, and network with industry professionals to optimize core insurance processes.

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