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What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a strategic trend that combines disruptive technologies, including intelligent process automationrobotic process automation (RPA), process intelligenceartificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), to create an end-to-end automated solution for business users in real-time. It drives higher-level functioning from task automation to orchestration to intelligence, enabling predictive insights, guided recommendations, process mining, and adaptive decision making. Hyperautomation brings a range of tools that effectively augments the human workforce in significantly more effective ways than isolated automation tools. Even Gartner recognized hyperautomation as one of the year’s top 10 strategic technology trends.


What are the Common Challenges in Hyperautomation Journey?

Gap in identification of high-value automation use cases

Organizations often misdiagnose where to start, scale, or extend automation technologies. To be successful in your enterprise-wide optimization of processes, data, and people with hyperautomation technologies, you must complete a thorough evaluation.

No strategic roadmap

Often organizations do not have a long-term strategic roadmap for their hyperautomation journey or a plan to scale automation. They focus on tactical automation of routine processes, which help in the short term; however, it completely misses the overarching objective of hyperautomation

Lack of governance mechanisms

Organizations need a robust governance mechanism to integrate all the hyperautomation efforts and follow strategic technology trends. Strategic guidance built into the technology stack can go a long way in helping organizations reap business values from hyperautomation

Siloed approach to technology usage

Simply plugging your advanced technologies initiatives into the stack can lead to future scaling challenges. Technologies like AI or RPA can help accomplish automation goals in a local scope. Tying these technologies into a more extensive process backbone will deliver customer experience, speed, and other automation opportunities.

What are the Benefits of Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation, when done right, can help you deliver a superior experience while ensuring continuous improvement and speed in all areas of your business and workflows. Hyperautomation lends you additional leverage by augmenting humans, ensuring that your employees, partners, and customers can collaborate productively and effectively

  • Connect your people, processes, systems, and things to deliver transformed experiences
  • Orchestrate and deliver processes through holistic and intelligent process automation
  • Enable last-mile process automation with intelligence through robotic process automation
  • Deliver excellent customer experience with speed
  • Infuse intelligence in your processes through process analytics, algorithms, content analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  • Build an integrated and automated process fabric for your organization through the integration of legacy and new-age technologies

Hyperautomation: Technologies to Leverage

For hyperautomation to achieve its desired outcomes, an integrated approach with the right mix of advanced technologies is the key

Intelligent Process Automation (BPM)

Leverage, an intelligent process automation platform, and seamlessly orchestrate your end-to-end processes by connecting the people, bots, and systems involved in your operations. Operate, collaborate, and participate in business processes in a dynamic and remote environment without impacting the speed and quality of your services.

AI and ML

Bring intelligence to your processes by leveraging AI and ML-based learning capabilities. Smoothly route tasks from inbound channels to the correct users, make smarter decisions and provide more context to your interactions with internal and external customers. Some of the capabilities under the AI and ML umbrella include NLP, pattern recognition, sequence labeling, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, optical character recognition (OCR), and digital process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Increase automation capabilities, reduce turnaround times, bridge operational silos, and increase profitability and ROI by strategically automating mundane and repetitive tasks. Minimize the need for human intervention and effectively eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks by intuitively routing issues to the appropriate users

Process intelligence

Optimize your hyperautomation efforts by leveraging tools, such as advanced analytics and process mining, to gauge the health of your business processes, select the proper automation techniques, and make informed decisions

How Does Newgen Solve for Your Hyperautomation Needs?

To solve your hyperautomation needs holistically, a platform-based approach is imperative to streamline and maximize the capabilities of these technologies. The crux lies in bridging silos-both functional and technological-and creating an integrated platform strategy. Newgen’s digital transformation platform is the answer to all your hyperautomation needs. The platform enables-


Accelerated automation of end-to-end processes

The key technologies that form the fulcrum of hyperautomation tools and strategy are BPM, RPA, business rules management, decision management, and low code application platforms (LCAPs). These technologies can be further augmented by AI, ML, and cognitive automation to boost speed and intelligence. Newgen’s digital transformation platform ensures end-to-end automation that is complete in all three aspects (process, content, and communication) to make a significant customer impact

Continuous improvement and process agility

Newgen’s digital transformation platform helps achieve speedy business outcomes and continuous improvement with agile change management. Hyperautomation covers the entirety of the holistic process management (i.e., discover, analyze, design, automate, measure, monitor, reassess). So, while individual technologies play their part, a functionally robust process management platform with rapid application development capability forms the backbone of hyperautomation.

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