Dynamic case management (DCM) system empowers your knowledge workers to collaborate and respond to real-time opportunities and unanticipated situations while working on complex cases. Dynamic case management capabilities of our platform enables comprehensive handling of case-related information, documents, and communications from one place.

Dynamic Case Management Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

Simplifying Case Creation and Configuration

Easy Case creation and configuration using a global task library

Design and deploy synchronized, ad hoc processes and alter case routing structures to handle unprecedented situations

Seamless Task Creation and Execution

Flexibility to execute discretionary tasks based on changing goals

Ad hoc task creation to handle unprecedented situations during run-time

CMMN 1.1 compliance ensuring consistent, transparent, and efficient management of cases

Facilitate Collaborative Decision-Making

Unified case file, with case data, tasks, documents, forms, to-do lists, and other case-related information, for real-time case visualization

Better decision-making with real-time case sharing and collaboration

Greater flexibility to handle exceptions for long-running processes involving multiple stakeholders

Gaining Visibility and Insights

Real-time case lifecycle visualization

Insights into the case and task workers’ performances

Automated notifications on task initiation, completion, reassignment, decline, and failure via system-generated notifications

Intelligent Process Automation Capabilities of NewgenONE Platform

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