Discover connectedness. Re-engineer processes. Drive continuous process innovation.

Your customers expect anytime-anywhere services. And, your employees demand flexibility to work beyond the boundaries of workplace. All of this requires you to reinvent your business. Our OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Suite (iBPS) drives enterprise-wide digital transformation by connecting your organization’s resources. The platform’s advanced capabilities such as process orchestration, case management, robotic process automation (RPA), mobile, social and others allow you to re-engineer processes and go digital.


Business Process Management - Collaborative Process Modeling

Collaborative Process Modeling

Drag and drop business process modeling

Simplify process design with web based, drag and drop process modeling tool. Provide different contextual views of a process to various stakeholders, making it easy for them to understand, participate and collaborate.

Business Process Management - Process Insights

Process Insights

Optimal process deployment

Simulate business processes prior and after deployment using historical, real-time and predictive analysis. Deploy the most optimal process by identifying and removing bottlenecks and load situations.

Business Process Management - Process Orchestration Engine

Process Orchestration Engine

End-to-end process management

Our execution engine lies at the core of the system, controlling process flows and maintaining integrity of process definitions. It orchestrates activities among people, processes, systems, and things for smooth and effective operations.

Business Process Management - Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic process & exception management

Design and manage semi-structured to completely dynamic processes. Empower knowledge workers with flexibility to respond to real-time opportunities, and other unanticipated situations while maintaining the highest level of collaboration.

Business Process Management - Agile Business Rules and Decisions

Agile Business Rules and Decisions

Scalable web based tool to define, control, change, and deploy business policies

Define critical business policies and procedures through logic statements and decision matrices without coding. Easily apply changes without any technical assistance.

Business Process Management - Advanced Reporting and Monitoring

Advanced Reporting and Monitoring

Detailed insights with real-time monitoring & personalized dashboards

Get 360 degree view of processes with graphical charts, reports and dashboards. Design reports, define KPIs and set alerts to gauge upcoming threats and opportunities.

Business Process Management - Configurable Unified Interface

Configurable Unified Interface

Personalized, single window access to applications

Single point access to internal & third party enterprise applications through a user-friendly and integrated interface. Empower business users with contextual information and analytical reports to make informed decisions.

Business Process Management - BPM on Mobile

BPM on Mobile

Anytime, anywhere access to your business processes

Provide users on-the-go, secure access to critical processes and information. Our platform facilitates increased user responsiveness and improves overall business performance by extending BPM capabilities to a mobile environment.

Business Process Management - Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Last mile of the process automation

Enhance your digitization strategy by automating repetitive, mundane tasks with RPA and enable continuous process improvement with BPM's orchestration capabilities.

Business Process Management -  -

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Design digitalized and agile processes to enhance transaction volumes, reduce operational costs, improve profitability and drive growth.

Business Process Management -  -

Drive Continuous Process Improvement

Enable comprehensive monitoring of key performance indicators and gain contextual insights.

Business Process Management -  -

Enhance Customer Experience

Exceed expectations of your customers with timely, proactive services and responses. Get 360o view of customer information to deliver best-in-class experience.

Business Process Management -  -

Improve Business Agility

Dynamic processes offer flexibility and business agility. Drive transformational changes in your organization and adapt to changing business environment.

How Newgen OmniFlow iBPS Business & Case Process Management works
How Newgen OmniFlow iBPS Business Process & Case Management works


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