This is the age of digital transformation (DX). Analysts forecast the DX market will grow to $7 trillion by next year (2023). Our survey findings also support this data.

In order to better understand this global phenomenon, we surveyed 300 senior business and IT leaders in large enterprises around the world on the state of digital transformation.

Here are the most compelling findings:

  • 2022 is at the very peak of interest in Digital Transformation
  • 100% of the surveyed enterprises are now engaged in DX in some way or the other
  • 77% of them started their DX journey in the last two years
  • Only 27% have completed their DX initiatives successfully
  • More than 90% of successful DX enterprises focus on transforming business complexity, be it process, information, or communication

So, what’s the secret sauce of successful DX enterprises? What separates the best from the rest? Is a particular strategy, tools, or technologies enabling these enterprises?

And the most crucial question is: Where are you in your digital transformation journey? Are you there yet?

We have compiled all our findings in this report. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to fast-track your DX journey, look no further.

Download this report to get insights into-

  • The current state of DX initiatives
  • DX drivers, goals, and challenges
  • What works for enterprises succeeding with DX
  • Tools and technologies enabling DX
  • Key takeaways for transforming complex business applications
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