eBook: Modern Digital Records Management


Modern Digital Records Management

Compliance, and beyond!
A Newgen guide for governments

Digital is not a matter of choice anymore!

National Archives, custodians of national records and heritage, seek to digitize the operations of all concerned bodies to build a modern records management system. To implement this vision across all the government agencies and other entities with government stakes, National Archives define regulatory guidelines and standards that all concerned government agencies are required to adopt in the stipulated time.

It is, however, challenging!

Maintaining information security, balancing user experience v/s system complexity and compliance requirements, managing electronic and physical records through the same platform, and other such challenges act as barriers for government agencies while catering to business needs and ensuring compliance.

The path to digital

Download the eBook to know how you can kickstart your digital journey and go beyond compliance in a seamless manner. Further, explore how Newgen’s electronic document management solution helps manage content throughout its life cycle, from creation to disposal


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