eBook: Digital Records Management – NRAA Compliance, and Beyond!


Digital Records Management – NRAA Compliance, and Beyond!

Digital Records Management now an imperative

With an aim to build a modern records management system, NRAA has defined guidelines around Electronic Document and Records Management system (EDRMS). However, the rigorous schedule and specific requirements of digitization, pose challenges to government agencies in order to meet these requirements in time for compliance.

What are the challenges?

Adhering to the long-term vision requires agencies to look at compliance requirements and also assess the long-term impact of immediate steps taken by them. Some of the key challenges faced by organizations while digitizing records are:

  • Maintaining information as per standards for transfer to NRAA
  • Managing electronic and physical records through the same platform
  • Balancing user experience v/s system complexity
  • Maintaining information security

Nine steps to Digital Records Management

The agencies need to outline the long-term vision and goals for digitizing records and correspondences. Creating a system that is sustainable, scalable, secure and compliant is key to successful records management. This Ebook shares a 9-step path to enable government agencies to build a robust Records Management system. Download the eBook to know more.


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