Newgen Records Management System

Records Management

Centrally manage and archive documents and records for increased accessibility and visibility.

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 Records Management Software - Records Management

Records Management Software

Enable end-to-end management and tracking of your physical and electronic records, while maintaining their integrity and authenticity. Define and perform records classification, retention, and disposition actions according to your internal content management policies, while meeting industry compliances, including DoD 5015.02, NRAA, and VERS.

 -  - Records Management
Records Management

Secure Archival and Tracking

  • Policy-based, long-term archival of content, including physical, email, and social records
  • End-to-end management and tracking of all documents and records, while maintaining their authenticity

Controlled Records Storage and Access

  • Controlled information storage and access, and legal hold capabilities for preserving information
  • Accessibility of rights for file plans, records, requests, and returns, enabling greater functional security

Record Search and Retrieval Capabilities

  • Rule-based content archival and retrieval
  • Simple user interface to allow users to add and index documents, search for records, and access physical copies
Records Management

Detailed Reporting and Auditing

  • Tracking and accessing of physical documents and digital records
  • Detailed report and audit trails for end-to-end visibility

Social Media Records Management

  • Archival of social media records per a defined classification scheme
  • View and search capabilities for social media and sentiment analysis

Integration Adaptors

  • Ready-to-use integration adaptors to capture, manage, and archive social media content
  • Seamless integration with other enterprise applications to simplify content sharing and collaboration

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Success Stories

7 billion documents digitized and stored - Records Management
7 billion documents digitized and stored
A leading South Asian life insurance company leverages the world’s largest document management system to digitize 7...
Increased automation and accessibility - Records Management
Increased automation and accessibility
US-based public safety department automates their inmate records management system for increased accessibility.
Document access anytime, anywhere - Records Management
Document access anytime, anywhere
Leading statutory authority of the Government of Australia migrates their registry system onto a single platform for...

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