Anurag Kumar Shah

Anurag Shah

VP, Head

Products & Solution
Newgen Software

Peter Herz

Peter Herz

Sr. Partner Manager

Duck Creek Technologies

Prakash Vedantham

Prakash Vedantham

Principal Director


Data is power and shapes decisions in the dynamic world of insurance. Historical insights accumulated over decades by analyzing past risks and losses serve as the foundation of the decision-making processes for insurers.

Insurers rely heavily on data, especially for policies that center around a deluge of information. Managing customer paperwork, including policy documents, signed illustrations, endorsements, bills, cover notes, and intricate communication in the claims process, is one of the key challenges for insurers.

Tackle this persistent problem within Duck Creek Policy and explore the smooth flow of content.

Join our insightful webinar with experts from Duck Creek Technologies, LTIMindtree, and Newgen Software to learn about Newgen’s Customer Communications Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) integrations to Duck Creek Policy.

Why Attend?

  • Gain insights into how Duck Creek, a modern core system, automates processes
  • Learn efficient management of critical documents
  • Discover the trick to streamline processes from policy creation to claims handling
  • Understand every aspect of customer communication, from content creation to archival, with a single integrated system
  • Indulge in an interactive Q&A session

Download Flyer here

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