Process Gamification

Create a game-like experience for performing day-to-day tasks to improve employee engagement and productivity.

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 Process Gamification Software - Process Gamification

Process Gamification Software

Empower your business users to make meaningful progress on a day-to-day basis by gamifying processes. Allow employees to track individual as well as their colleagues’ performance in real-time. Furthermore, foster dynamic learning methods, boost workforce productivity and motivation levels while apprising your users of their goal achievements via instant alerts and notifications.

 -  - Process Gamification
Process Gamification

Game Design Techniques

  • Competition and cooperation among users (leaderboard and teams)
  • Player engagement and feedback loops (missions, points, levels and badges)

Game Rules and Mechanics

  • Configuration of rules, points, levels, missions, leaderboard, and badges
  • Definition settings for transactions per day, first-time-right, and turnaround time

Game Elements

  • Employee relationship and social dynamics
  • Narrative, progression, motivation and collaboration
Process Gamification

Badges, Achievements, and Rewards

  • Gamification badges based on performance, providing insights into employees’ strengths and development needs
  • Rewards for motivating employees and fostering healthy competition

Intuitive Dashboard

  • Badge, user, and game-wise leadership board within an organization for groups and cross-teams
  • Daily operations reporting through game mechanics for a 360-degree visibility

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Process Gamification

Create a game-like experience for performing day-to-day...

Success Stories

Account opening and loan disbursal in 2-3 days - Process Gamification
Account opening and loan disbursal in 2-3 days
US-based bank automates and streamlines account opening and lending processes on a low code digital automation platform.
90% increase in productivity - Process Gamification
90% increase in productivity
NIC Bank centralizes and digitizes their processes to improve productivity and compliance while reducing turnaround...
Improved agility and responsiveness - Process Gamification
Improved agility and responsiveness
National Commercial Bank Jamaica leverages a low code automation platform to digitally transform their end-to-end...

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