Case Study

Leading Government Intelligence Agency Leverages Newgen’s Case Management Solution to Prevent Suspicious and Fraudulent Financial Transactions

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The client is a high-level government and national agency responsible for monitoring, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information about suspicious financial transactions and crimes to the law enforcement agencies.

Problem Statement

  • Complexity in monitoring and reporting transactions
  • Lack of accuracy and consistency in case linkages and relationships
  • Absence of a systematic case analysis methodology
  • Inefficient communication between stakeholders and the law enforcement agencies
  • Lack of rule-based case dissemination

Newgen’s Solution

The agency chose Newgen’s low code-based case management solution, built on NewgenONE—a unified digital transformation platform to streamline its processes.

Key Highlights of the Solution

  • Dynamic case routing, business rules, reporting, and monitoring capabilities
  • Features for generating case summary while getting suggestions based on historical data
  • Smart extraction of data
  • Robust integration with third-party systems and agencies
  • Centralized document repository

Download the complete case study to learn how the agency effectively mitigated suspicious financial transactions while reducing operational inefficiencies, enhancing process transparency and control, and staying compliant.